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> Next Generation in Speech Processing
> Industry Standard Components
> Ease of Set Up
> Multiple Auto Attendant
> Self Learning
> “Barge In” Capability
> Capital Savings
> Improve Employee Productivity
> Increase Competitive Advantage
> Speech Enable - Features List


Speech Recognition for Automated Attendant Voicemail / Call Centers and Interactive Voice Response System

VoiceGate Corporation proudly introduced its Speech Enabled Automated Attendant/
Voice Mail System at Supercomm 2002, in Atlanta Georgia in June.

Tried and True
Based on VoiceGate’s powerful award winning software platform, our Speech Enabled Automated Attendant System leverages VoiceGate’s tried and proven voice processing software that integrates digitally with all Nortel phone systems.

Advanced, flexible call routing functions are standard on the VoiceGate. Nortel dealers will find set-up and configuring the following features easy to do from its intuitive, user friendly GUI:

Call Routing features:

  • Call screening
  • By name
  • Department
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Day of year
  • Multi level menus
  • Re-direction
  • Visual call routing
  • Multiple operator designations
  • Operator back up
  • “Super Menu” support - Eliminates lengthy DTMF menus

VoiceGate’s flexible GUI allows administrators to quickly add words, names or Departments and how the system should rout their calls on the fly, making it ready to recognize the new words on the very next call – no computer experience is necessary to program or administer this system.

Next Generation in Speech Processing
The automated attendant system is the next generation in voice processing technology.
System users have the ability to navigate using voice commands when in-or-outside the office; or, they can use traditional DTMF method. Users get the best of both worlds: the speed of DTMF navigation or the convenience of voice depending on when; or, from where they are calling.

Industry Standard Components
With system stability provided by Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system and the speech recognizer powered by ScanSoft, this system is designed to perform under the most arduous conditions. Scalable from 2 ports and 250 names, the Intel voice boards and CPU allows the system to grow to 48 ports and support continuous speaker independent recognition of up to 75,000 names.

Microsoft, Intel, Nortel Networks and ScanSoft combined provided the platform for VoiceGate’s award winning design team to build the most flexible speech enabled voice processing system available in the international market.
The system is unique in a few ways:

Ease of Set Up
When the system is installed, speech enabling a user’s name is as simple as typing it into the system. Alternate names or nicknames are also supported. Once the full name has been entered in the system, the VoiceGate automatically writes an algorithm around the text and you are speech enabled and ready to go.

Multiple Auto Attendant
“Tenant” applications to better serve unique calling groups. Ion effect, one system can run multiple applications, providing improved cost of ownership and increased customer satisfaction.

Self Learning
Ease of set up is only the beginning. The system is actually capable of learning in the field. How do you optimize the system to deal with regional accents? No problem. Here’s how. Every time the system fields a name it is 75% sure that it recognized correctly, it asks the caller for confirmation that it has interpreted the utterance accurately. Using the Smart recognizer (tm), the system logs the initial utterance and automatically re-writes and expands the algorithm it originally created around the input text. The next time that person calls in, the system will have learned how they say a certain word and have a higher probability of a correct interpretation.

“Barge In” Capability
The system supports “barge in” recognition. It has the capability to allow callers or users to speak commands or names while the system prompts are still playing. No more using a combination of DTMF and speech to navigate the system. Other systems prompt callers to push a , #, to interrupt the company greeting or automated attendant prompt that is playing. This step allows inferior voice recognizers to correctly capture the spoken command or name. The speech engineers at VoiceGate designed out this limitation. Although it is easier for a speech recognizer to interpret commands when there are no system prompts playing, it makes for a more intuitive TUI if you can simply speak to navigate through the system rather than being forced to use a combination of touch tone and voice. Callers and users also have the option to toggle between voice commands or using touch tone TM on the fly should they so desire.

Capital Savings
Our system works to make an existing telecommunications investment “smart”. No need to pull out or replace existing voice mail systems. Add the Speech Enabled VoiceGate to the front end of any business and it will function seamlessly with the installed telecommunications infrastructure.

Improve Employee Productivity
Automate the business process by allowing customers to assist or self-help themselves to the information are looking for, while at the same time freeing up employees to assist customers who may require more attention.

Increase Competitive Advantage
An affordable speech enabled automated attendant solution, delivering seamless integration into any Nortel Switch, makes this solution a winner not only for the Nortel Dealer network, but their customers as well.

For a demonstration of the new speech enabled VoiceGate call
1-800-668-2387 and say “Sales Group”.

Our sales people will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this new and exciting next generation call processing system.

Not all features outlined above are supported by all phone systems or Speech Enabled Automated Attendants purchased without the Voice Mail module.

ICS, VoiceGate ICS LITE and VoiceGate are registered Trademarks of VoiceGate Corporation.

Alternate Personal Greeting
Automated Attendant
Automated Attendant & Voice Mail Reports
Automated Extension Change
Automated Overhead Pre/Post Paging
Automatic Call Forward Mode
Automatic Day/Afternoon & Night Mode
Automatic Operator Access
Automatic Station Log On
Barge In
Broadcast Message
Bulletin Board
Busy Greeting
Busy On Hold
CallAlert Wireless Messaging (Optional)
Call Queuing by Extension
Call Redirect – Pre/Post (Off-premise Transfer)
Call Screening
Cascading Message Notification (5)
Certified Delivery
Class of Service (50)
Company Directory
Custom Call Routing (10 x 49 Levels)
Day / Night Operator
Default Programming
Delivery Option
Departmental Greeting
Digit Grabber
Display Prompts
Distribution List (10 x 20)
Express Messaging
Fax Detection
First Digit Delay
Flexible Business Hours
Flexible Line Ringing
Flexible Voice Mail Box
Forward with or without comments
Future Message Delivery
General Delivery Mailbox
Guest Mailboxes
Holiday Greetings (30 Ranges)
Intel Architecture
Information Mailboxes
Interruptible Prompts
Listen to discarded messages
Mailbox Initialization Prompting
Mailbox Reset
Message Confirmation
Message Copy to another mailbox
Message Envelope
Message Retrieval (FIFO/LIFO)
Message Waiting Indication
Modem Bridge
Modular Architecture
Multiple Access
Multiple Extension Access
Multiple Personal Greetings
Name Confirmation
Network Ready
On Line Programming Changes
Open Architecture
Operator Access
Pager Notification (5) (with phone no. displayed)
Passcode (user-definable)
Personal Assistant
Personal Routing Tree
Personnel Directory
Phonetic Spelling
Predictive Answering
Primary Personal Greeting
Private Messages
Programmable Per Port
Property Management Integrations
Real Time Display of Line Status
Real Time Message Inventory Status
Record a Conversation
Record All Conversations (Call Logging)
Remote Access
Remote Administration (Host Only) - Standard
Reply by Message
Report Daily/Monthly
Save Messages
Search by Full Name
Search by Name Transfer to Personal Assistant
Simple System Programming
Smart Recognizer™
Standard Greetings (8)
Stripped Down Mailbox
Subscriber Access
Supervised/Blind Transfer
System Admin. (telephone)
System Distribution List (20)
Time/Date Stamp
Timed Delete
Time of Day/Company Greeting
Universal Ports
Urgent/Private Message Designation
User Definable Call Forwarding
V-Email (Microsoft Outlook optional)
Voice Mail
VoiceGate Wav (Message On Hold module)
Windows 7 ™ Operating System
...All names and trademarks are property of their respective owners.
1-800-668-2387 / 905-508-0355
or email voicegate@voicegate.com

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