Speech Enabled Interactive Voice Response

What is it?
With SPEECH ENABLED Interactive Voice Response (IVR), recorded messages can provide important information to incoming callers. Navigating extensive voice menu trees is made easy when callers interact with your telephone system to obtain and/or leave information. The SPEECH ENABLED call routing system can be programmed to accept input directly from any telephone and get immediate “self-serve” information to the calling party.

How does it work?
"Thank you for calling Zenith University."

"For information
You may say registration...  
tuition fees...  
or courses...  
For on-campus accommodation you may say...  
or shared accommodation...  
...to receive a fax copy of information
on this apartment say ‘fax”.
– Please speak your fax number after the tone.

Why do I need it?
Virtually any size company can benefit from SPEECH ENABLED Interactive Voice Response technology. Universities, Governments, Financial Institutions, Real Estate companies, Insurance Agencies, Accounting Firms, Retailers, Manufacturers; the applications are as varied as your particular requirements. For order input, general information, and special announcements, SPEECH ENABLED Interactive Voice Response will be your link to the public.

How will it save me time and money?
Valuable human resources may be re-allocated by automating the distribution of important information. SPEECH ENABLED IVR is flexible, prompt, exact and is able to service several callers at the same time. Message content can be changed as required thereby ensuring callers of immediate, up-to-date information. If necessary, IVR works for you 24 hours a day - no need for extra staffing after hours or during holiday periods.

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