Fax mail is just one component of VoiceGate’s Unified Messaging platform (ICS). Available as a software upgrade on systems integrated with Avaya /Lucent’s Definity/ Prologix; Nortel’s Meridian Option and Meridian Norstar; Samsung, NEC and Mitel.
It is also available as a hardware / software upgrade on Siemens, Toshiba, Panasonic, Winn and all other phone systems.

How Does Fax Mail Work?
To people sending you faxes, there doesn’t have to be any difference in the way they send you a faxed document. They dial your personal fax number, press the start or send button on their fax machine and their part is finished.

If you don’t have personal fax numbers, they have to simply dial your company’s main number and follow the easy to understand fax server prompts by pressing touch tones or their fax machine’s handset.

Once received, your VoiceGate ICS fax mail server has your fax digitally stored in its memory, you and your company will start to enjoy the true cost saving benefits of VoiceGate’s Fax Mail.

How Does Fax Mail Save Me Time and Money?
Road Warriors can securely access their fax mail from any phone or internet contact point, anywhere in the world.

By Phone:
They simply access the unified messaging mailbox and instruct the system to re-direct the fax document to any telephone number that is connected to a fax machine.

By Web:
Alternately, Road Warriors can have their Unified Messaging mail box set up to automatically send faxes to any e-mail account for pickup from any internet ready device.

Benefits of Fax Mail
All fax documents are stored in VoiceGate’s secure ICS Unified Messaging server. Access and retrieval are passcode protected; ensuring only the person for whom the fax was intended can view the document.

Reduced Line Costs:
No dedicated telephone lines and machines are necessary, as all calls and documents can be processed through the company’s main telephone number, reducing the number of lines and dollars sent to the phone company every month. Since all documents (including junk fax) are stored electronically there is a huge reduction in paper and toner consumption associated with the fax process because junk faxes never get printed, just deleted electronically.

Increased Productivity:
Ubiquitous access by phone, fax or e-mail gives users quicker access to their important fax documents while at the same time quickly reviewing, identifying and discarding junk fax documents facilitating faster, more efficient response times.

Leverage Infrastructure Investment:

Fax mail uses the existing telephone lines and unused switching compatibility inherent in any organization - no more busy signals when customers or suppliers are trying to send a fax - no more dedicating lines or machinery to the fax process. This frees up capital and operating expense budgets.


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