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VoiceGate - Unlocks the Hidden Profit in your Business Phone System


You'll get a lot more from your business phone system when you install VoiceGate Voice Mail. VoiceGate's VIP4000 Voice Information Processor and VoiceGate LITE adds new power and versatility to conventional telephone systems... bringing the benefits of confidential messaging, improved staff efficiency, enhanced customer service and reduced telecommunications costs to your business. Here's why...

PC Based Design
VoiceGate's non-proprietary hardware platform utilizes the inherent reliability of the personal computer. VoiceGate PC Based Communication Systems are easy to maintain and simple to install. Menu-driven software can be configured and administered by anyone proficient in the use of a desktop computer.

Sophisticated features
Feature enrichment is an essential element of VoiceGate's product development program. The VIP4000 software package supports a host of sophisticated standard features and options:

  • Automated attendant
  • Cascading pager notification (with phone no. displayed)
  • Call screening
  • Automated pre and post overhead paging
  • Tenanting (up to 4 companies or applications)
  • Bi-lingual voice prompts (Optional)
  • Message Copy to another mailbox
  • Record conversations for archival purposes
  • External transfer (pre/post call re-direct)
  • Fax-on-Demand (Optional)
  • IVR tree (10 x 49 levels)

VoiceGate LITE does not support fax on demand, scripted prompting, multiple tenanting, and trunk to port supervision but may be upgraded to the VIP4000 to be made available.

For a more detailed list of our features click here.

Note: Not all features are supported by all phone systems. Please consult your VoiceGate dealer.

Modular Architecture
A VoiceGate voice mail system grows with your business. The open architecture of the PC platform plus VoiceGate's modular software design facilitates system expansion, and the addition of new features or hardware upgrades on a plug-in basis. VoiceGate's adaptability to developing computer telephony technologies future proofs your investment against early equipment obsolescence.

VoiceGate Voice Mail integrates smoothly with most modern phone systems and supports direct digital integration with System 75/85//Definity series, Meridian Norstar, Mitel, Nortel Meridian Option series, Nortel SL1 and Rolm CBX series. Analog integrations are available for Avaya, Comdial, Intertel, NEC, Nitsuko, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Vodavi, and many more.

Custom Design
VoiceGate Corporation offers, through its dealer network, custom designed voice mail, audiotex and mainframe connected interactive voice response systems for specific target markets or special applications.

Superior Hardware Quality
VoiceGate uses state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signalling Processing) hardware components supporting multi-vendor integration protocol (MVIP) and utilizing the highest performing software algorithm in the industry. VoiceGate's high-end North American built central processing unit conforms to the most stringent international quality standards.

VoiceGate is committed to price/performance leadership in the voice processing industry. Start-up systems are affordable for even the smallest business office and system expansion kits and software upgrades are moderately priced to accommodate business growth.

Training and Support
Customer staff training and after-sales technical support is continuously available from VoiceGate's network of local dealers and distributors during normal business hours. After-hours support can be pre-arranged with your local VoiceGate dealer.

VoiceGate VIP4000 specifications:

Standard VoiceGate VIP4000 Voice Processing systems include:

  • Voice Mail with over 80 powerful features (phone system dependent)
  • Automated Attendant
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Tree of 10 X 49 Levels
    (for Audiotex, Bulletin Boards, Custom Call Routing)
  • 2 or 4 ports to 24
  • 250 mail boxes (up to 1000)
  • Hours of Storage: 130 (Digital integrations) / 210 (Analog integrations)
  • 4 tenants / companies
  • Slick integrations for most popular business phone systems:

    Avaya, Comdial, Isoetec, Iwatsu, Mitel, NEC, Nitsuko, Meridian Norstar, Nortel, Panasonic, Rolm, Samsung Prostar, Siemens, Toshiba, Vodavi, and many more !

VIP4000 turnkey systems include:

  • Computer (Celeron 500, 32 MB RAM, 10 GB HD)*
  • Keyboard
  • VGA monochrome monitor
  • Industry standard voice boards with VIP4000 software designed and pre-installed

* VoiceGate Corporation reserves the right to substitute similar hardware and software components without notice.

Technical specifications:

Dialing: Uses standard DTMF tones
Power Requirements: 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 5 A
Operating Temperature: 50 to 90 degrees F (10 to 32 degrees C)
Hardware: Microprocessor: 32 bit 586
Software: Proprietary
Printer Port: RS-232/parallel
Dimensions: Computer: 15" H; 8.5" W; 16" D (39cm x 21.5cm x 40cm)
Monitor: Diagonal 14.0"; 11.2" H; 12.6" W; 11.8" D (35.5cm; 28.5cm H; 32cm W x 30cm D)
Weight: Computer: 30 lbs (13.6kg)
Monitor: 17 lbs (7.7kg)
Keyboard: 1.5 lbs (0.68kg)
Registration: All relevant FCC and UL approvals


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