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VoiceGate ICS
(Integrated Communications Server)

Call Accounting is included as a standard feature.

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The VoiceGate ICS for Windows 7 is the engine that will drive VoiceGate's future technology. Based on the success of VoiceGate's award winning VIP4000 platform, the VoiceGate ICS encompasses all the features and flexibility of its predecessor. Furthermore, it acts as the foundation for building blocks such as desktop messaging, fax mail, and unified messaging to be added as modules in the near future. Since the majority of CTI applications developed today are based on Microsoft's Windows 7 platform, this product will grow with your future needs.


Operating Platform Windows 7
Memory 128 MB RAM
Programmed by Mouse, Keyboard, or
Touchtone Telephone
Software CD ROM
Number of Mailboxes 250 to 10,000
Multi-tasking Yes
Network Compatible Yes
VoiceGate Wav
(Message on Hold system)
Yes - Standard
Network (NIC) Card Yes - Standard
Call Accounting Yes
Call Forward Mode schedule Yes
Search By Name Transfer to
Personal Assistant
Copy Holiday Messages Utility Yes
Voice Mail Box (On/Off) Yes
Call Alert Wireless Messaging Yes - Optional
Holiday Messages 30 ranges
Remote Programming LAN, Modem (Optional), and Touchtone Telephone
IVR Optional (Some restrictions)
StatsPack Enhanced
Fax Mail Optional
Voice to E-Mail Optional
Networked Screen Capture Standard
Desktop Messaging Standard
Contact Management Data Base Integration Standard
Screen Pop Standard
*Product specifications and functionality are
subject to change without further notice.
VoiceGate ICS FOR Windows 7 - FEATURES LIST
Alternate Personal Greeting
Automated Attendant
Automated Attendant & Voice Mail Reports
Automated Extension Change
Automated Overhead Pre/Post Paging
Automatic Call Forward Mode
Automatic Day/Afternoon & Night Mode
Automatic Disk Maintenance
Automatic Station Log On
Broadcast Message
Bulletin Board
Busy Greeting
Busy On Hold
CallAlert Wireless Messaging (Optional)
Call Queuing by Extension
Call Redirect-Pre/Post (Off-premise Transfer)
Call Screening
Cascading Message Notification (5)
Certified Delivery
Class of Service (50)
Company Directory
Contact Management Data Base Integration
Custom Call Routing (10x49levels)
Default Programming
Delivery Option
Departmental Greeting
Display Prompts
Distribution List (10 x 20)
Express Messaging
Fax Detection
Fax Mail
Fax On Demand (Optional)
First Digital Delay
Flexible Business Hours
Flexible Line Ringing
Flexible Voice Mail Box
Forward with or without comments
Future Message Delivery
General Delivery Mailbox
Guest Mailboxes
Holiday Greetings (30 Ranges)
Information Mailboxes
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Interruptible Prompts
Listen to discarded messages
Mailbox Initialization Prompting
Mailbox Reset
Message Confirmation
Message Copy To Another Mailbox
Message Envelope
Message Retrieval (FIFO/LIFO)
Message Waiting Indication
Modem Bridge
Modular Architecture
Multilingual Prompts (Optional)
Multiple Access
Multiple Company Greetings
Multiple Extension Access
Multiple Personal Greetings
Multiple Tenanting (4)*- Optional upgrade to 12
Name Confirmation
Network Ready
Network Screen Capture
Non User Transfer
On Line programming Changes
Open Architecture
Operator Access
Pager Notification(5) - (with phone number displayed)
Passcode (user-definable)
Pause a Message
Personal Assistant
Personal Routing Tree
Personnel Directory
Predictive Answering
Primary Personal Greeting
Private Messages
Programmable Per Port
Real Time Display of Line Status
Real Time Message Inventory Status
Record A Conversation
Record All Conversations (Call Logging)
Remote Access
Remote Administration (Host only) - standard
Reply by Message
Report Daily/Monthly
Save Messages
Screen Pop
Scripted Prompting (Optional)*
Search by Name transfer to Personal Assistant
Simple System Programming
Skip Forward/Backward
Standard Greetings (8)
Stripped Down Mailbox
Subscriber Access
Supervised/Blind Transfer
System Admin. (Telephone)
System Distribution List (20)
Time/Date Stamp
Timed Delete
Time of Day/Company Greeting
Trunk to Port Supervision*
Universal Ports
Urgent/Private Message Designation
User Definable Call Forwarding
Voice to Email (Microsoft Outlook optional)
[Integrated Messaging]
Voice Mail
VoiceGate WAV (Message On Hold module)

* Not available for VoiceGate ICS LITE but may be upgraded and supported on VoiceGate ICS
Not all features outlined above are supported by all phone systems.

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