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Press Release:

VoiceGate and Strategic Connections Announce Technology Partnership
October 18/04

VoiceGate’s Telephony Integration with Napoleon CRM

In the world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the objective is to obtain accurate client information and maintain contact with the client throughout the product or service lifecycle at critical contact stages. Most CRM software will prompt sales or service personnel to contact their customers, but cannot ensure that the contact is made according to the protocol and established business rules of the company.

VoiceGate has integrated several of its Telephony Integration modules with Napoleon CRM in order to ensure that the information is being obtained correctly, and that the prompts for customer contact are being executed, enabling management to review the contacts made, and identify the contacts that were not made. Managing those issues is the completion of the communication loop in the company’s CRM process.

Incoming Call Screen Pop
Whether from an Auto Attendant or a live receptionist, general inquiry sales or service calls can be forwarded with the associated customer screen pop. VoiceGate sends the incoming caller ID to the Napoleon database to search for a unique matching record, and then prompts the user to click on the incoming call record to pop the complete customer file.

If the number is not a unique record in the database, it will prompt the user to create a new customer file with the incoming caller ID, therefore ensuring that all inquiries are entered into the CRM system and providing an accurate accounting of the sales or service traffic.

With this functionality, if there is a specific promotion that has a unique 1-800 or Direct Inward Dialing number (DID) associated with the promotion, then a specific script would be prompted to the user, effectively matching the incoming call with the promotion for advertising tracking purposes. It also provides the most efficient way of handling the incoming call, whether it is to a sales or service agent, or in a call centre environment.

Call Logging and Recording, and Contact Verification
Know Who’s Calling You… and Who’s Calling Who

VoiceGate’s Call Logging module records all of the inbound and outbound traffic from the extensions of the sales or service personnel, ensuring that the calls are being made according to the CRM prompts based on the company business rules.

Each person has a To-Do List of contacts that they are expected to make each day. VoiceGate sends the extension activity to the Napoleon database to cross reference the information, providing a list of the contacts made, and more importantly, of the contacts that were not made during the course of the day. This ensures that management is aware of the initiatives that are not being carried out by the personnel and allows them to focus on making sure that those contacts are made.

VoiceGate also sends the incoming call data to Napoleon CRM to reference and track the effectiveness and response of advertising campaigns that are set up with unique 1-800 or DIDs. An accurate count of the number of people that responded to the ad is continually tracked throughout the campaign to show how many that responded actually purchased, and what return on investment was realized as a result.

VoiceGate also records the actual conversation from each of the extensions, for all inbound and outbound, as well as station to station calls. All calls are stored on the VoiceGate server and are accessible by searching by date, time, telephone number or extension. Managers can chose to review the calls and use as a coaching tool for the staff or to settle disputes with clients or between co-workers. Now you are able to ensure that the message your company sends to your clientele is consistent, and you can protect yourself from bogus claims.

Automated Message Delivery
With the volume of contacts increasing, many companies are choosing to have an automated message delivered to their customers. Record your message with the voice of an actual employee and let VoiceGate deliver the message to your clients that you have targeted through the Napoleon CRM database.

Whether it is a reminder for services due, an important recall or notice, or a special marketing promotion, VoiceGate ensures that the message is delivered consistently and effectively to your clients, and allows the client to respond to questions or surveys recorded on the message. The results of the calls and the answers to the surveys are fed through Napoleon CRM to track the effectiveness of the campaign and summarize the survey results.

Together, the integration of VoiceGate and Napoleon CRM have closed the communication gap in monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of your CRM initiatives and deliverables and provides you with an actual account of the return on your investment in your marketing, your personnel and your clients.

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