Intelligent Line Tapping Devices
Designed for the small office owner who occasionally needs to record a conversation and needs instant access to a copy of that conversation.

Telephone Recording Solutions
Recorded conversations can serve to limit corporate liability by quickly resolving disputes before they get out of hand by e-mailing a copy of the recorded conversation to quickly settle the issues at hand.

On-Hold Audio Messaging System
VoiceGate WAV allows you to play your message, which could sell your company's products and services, while your customers are on hold.

Get a Grip on Creeping Telephone Expenses
Call Accountant continuously monitors and captures SMDR data from your telephone lines and extensions. This will provide you with Call Detail Records (CDR) on all on-going telephone activity in real time.

Homework / Absenteeism Notification System
This easy to use system is designed to keep teacher’s and parents in constant contact via e-mail, voice mail and outbound homework message notification.

The Emergency Response - Dialing Engine
A powerful emergency response outbound mass message delivery notification system designed to enhance communications between Agencies, Corporations, Organizations, Government, and their Communities. The Emergency Response ensures fast contact between Emergency Response, Public Relations and Safety Teams and their targeted or mandated contact groups.

Telephone repair, used telephone phone equipment for sale
Barclay Enterprises, Inc. repairs and sells telephone equipment --- over 25 brands, 125 systems. "Setting the Standard of Quality" since 1988.

Voice Boards - assistive dialing
Intel Dialogic voice cards, voice boards, Voice boards and fax cards by Rhetorex and Pika technologies, and voice mail software and fax broadcasting software solutions.

No Contract Cell Phone Plans | Long Distance Phone Rate Comparison
Cheap long distance phone carriers; Cell phones; Calling cards; Cheap international long distance phone rates

Accounting Directory
Your one-stop destination for anything you can think about accounting. This Accounting Directory is designed to help its users find the accounting information, articles, source, companies, products and services.

Answering Services HQ
An information website focused on Answering Services.

Microcare Telecommunications
Phone Systems from Microcare Telecommunications are the UK's premier communications company, supplying, maintaining and installing corporate phone systems.

VoIP Services - Voice over IP Providers - VoIP Termination
iCallGlobe for best VoIP services and service providers, it deals with VoIP networks for business corporate and contact centers at best wholesale VoIP rates with high quality satisfaction.

Nortel Training
The iGen Group provides Nortel Training Workshops as well as a complete Nortel Manual and Norstar Manual for "Do It Yourself " customers.

Avaya Partner Phone System
Looking for the best Avaya partner phone system, Avaya phone systems, business phone small system VOIP and partner telephone system then contact ABIS today!.

Specialty Answering Service
Specialty Answering Service is a nationwide live telephone answering service and call center service provider. We answer for your company 24 hours a day and follow your instructions to handle your businesses calls. Our services range from virtual receptionist to call center service to answering service.

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