What is it?

The Speech Enabled Automated Attendant answers incoming calls and transfers them to the appropriate extensions. And it does it automatically. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls are answered promptly, courteously and professionally without the intervention of a live operator. In fact, the Speech Enabled Automated Attendant can even be configured using the voice of your present switchboard operator. It can be used full time or on a required basis - ie. during peak calling periods, overflow situations, after hours, lunch breaks, holidays, etc. It's fast, it's flexible, and it comes complete with an internal company directory, for those callers who don't know their party's extension number.

How does it work?
"Good morning, XYZ Company. Please say the name of the person or department with whom you wish to speak with. Say "Dave Smith" Music in background. "Good Morning. Dave Smith speaking."

Why do I need it?
The Speech Enabled Automated Attendant speeds up call processing. No more waiting or being put on hold for your valuable customers and suppliers. It ensures a pleasant, instant response to incoming calls and redirects them in a prompt, efficient manner. For sales, order desk, accounts payable, shipping and many other departments, the Speech Enabled Automated Attendant will significantly accelerate caller connection.

How will it save me time and money?
The Speech Enabled Automated Attendant will allow you to re-allocate valuable human resources. It will maximize telephone efficiency and is far more economical than direct-inward-dialing services. It will improve customer service and employee satisfaction by enabling callers to get directly through to the person with whom they wish to speak, quickly and efficiently.



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