The Lan Lord is a powerful management surveillance tool that allows supervisors to monitor the activity of any networked PC by capturing real-time images or screen shots of the remote user’s PC.

This tool is great for monitoring the desktop activity of call center agents, telemarketers, sales, support personnel where employee productivity, security, and quality assurance is mission critical.

Managers can capture employee screens and use them as a powerful coaching tool when used to provide objective feedback and training in an effort to make agents or any employee operate at their peak levels. Continuous monitoring and motivating will improve call center agent’s closing ratios, improve the customer’s contact experience, improve employee productivity levels, reduce agent or employee turnover, and improve the corporate bottom line.

The Lan Lord
is available as a module on most VoiceGate call logging / voice recording and telephone call processing solutions and integrates seamlessly with most popular phone systems such as: Nortel Option, Meridian Norstar; Avaya Definity, Magix, Partner; Toshiba; Mitel; Siemens; Vodavi; Panasonic; Samsung; NEC; Comdial; Nitsuko; Winn and many more.

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