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VoiceGate Corporation has been a provider of telephone equipment and voice processing systems to telecommunication carriers, business, industry, and government. providing call center and data center products for nearly four decades.

Why choose VoiceGate's products?
VoiceGate has a proven history of success in our industry with a depth in technical expertise, service, and products that is hard to match. We can provide your organization with reliable and time-tested solutions. VoiceGate has weathered the ups and downs of our volatile industry by focusing on our strengths and listening to the needs of our users. Included is a partial list of some of our Customers that we've had the privilege to serve.

Voice Recording

Voice Recording
Affordable call center telephone call recording, monitoring line tap solutions limit corporate liability and improve customer satisfaction through better coached and motivated employees.

  Call Alert Wireless

Call Alert Wireless
Never miss a call and eliminate obtrusive overhead paging and expensive wireless telephones. Using inexpensive pocket pagers with no ongoing costs as the communication medium, Call Alert informs users when there is an incoming call, when there is a voice mail message, when there is a call from a nurse call device; or, a text message sent from any network connected desktop computer. Call Alert can track nurse response times or eliminate noisy overhead pages in retail, automotive, or corporate environments.

Voice Mail Voice Mail /
Automated Attendant

Increase corporate productivity from the smallest to the largest business without replacing or upgrading your existing phone system. Advanced unique features such as voice to e-mail WAV message copy, Dual simultaneous call transfer to cell phone and corporate extension and call queuing are just some of the features business, industry and government the world over have implemented with our award winning voice mail systems.
  VoiceGate Wav VoiceGate Wav
Digital Recorder Announcer. Deliver your unique message to callers when they are on-hold. Play up to three WAV files per day, per day of week. A standard feature on our ICS automated attendant / voice mail / unified messaging system, the VoiceGate WAV is ideal for any company wishing to deliver their unique message. Ideal for retail environments to simultaneously launch sales campaigns across time zones and multiple sites: deliver the same on-hold, branded message to every caller, automatically, nation wide with a few clicks of a mouse.
Toll Guard - Call Accountant Toll Guard
Take control over creeping telephone expenses. Set alarms to be notified by e-mail or voice mail that certain numbers such as home or "911" have been dialed and who dialed them. Create and automatically produce client invoices for accounting firms, lawyers and consultants based on the amount of time spent on a monthly basis per client / customer; or, simply compare the Toll Guard Reports with your telephone company's to ensure billing accuracy.
VIP 4000 VIP 4000
It all started here. Over 10,000 sold! Based on Microsoft's DOS operating system, the VIP4000 has been replaced by our flagship Integrated Communication Server (ICS) automated attendant / voice mail / unified messaging system. Users looking to upgrade will find an easy transition as there will be no costs associated with corporate training as the telephone user interface is essentially the same. The ICS takes the ease of use and flexibility of the VIP4000 and delivers a world class, Best of Breed call processing system. Click here for more information on the ICS. Attractive upgrade programs are available - contact your VoiceGate representative now.
VoiceGate Lite Series

VoiceGate Lite
Never upgrade your Norstar because you need voice mail. The only backwards compatible voice mail for Nortel's Meridian Norstar phone system. If you currently have a Meridian Norstar and are told you must upgrade to a KICS, MICS or BCM to get unified messaging or voice mail, talk to us first.

TEL: (905) 513-1403 or

Email: voicegate@voicegate.com

  NS Gateway NS Gateway
Remotely program your Meridian Norstar. The NS Gateway gives telephone support personnel access to Nortel's Meridian Norstar, O/32, 8/24, 6/16, KICS, MICS and BCM telephone system by delivering a "virtual M7310" programmers set. Changes to the Meridain Phone system can now be done remotely, via any dial up account through the VoiceGate automated attendant / voice mail / unified messaging system, from any remote location. This saves travel and support costs for multi branched companies.
Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant
Stand alone or as a bolt on module to our ICS automated attendant / voice mail / unified messaging system, the Medical Assistant streamlines communication and improves the bottom line in Dental, Medical, and Pharmaceutical offices. The Medical Assistant is an advanced automated appointment reminder, patient booking, prescription renewal and dosage reminder predictive / automated dialing system that interfaces with most clinic software programs.

  Automotive Assistant Automotive Assistant
Stand alone or as a bolt on module to our ICS automated attendant / voice mail / unified messaging system, the Automotive Assistant streamlines communication and dramatically increases revenues to any car service or sales organization. Automated service appointment booking, recall notice, mass message announcement or customer surveys all improve the "touch" factor between the sales and service organization and their prospects, clients and customers. The Automotive Assistant is designed specifically to drive profit to the bottom line by improving customer satisfaction and reducing communication costs through its ability to interface with most automotive Customer Relationship Management software programs, record conversations, and track advertising campaigns.
Teacher's Assistant Teacher's Assistant
Stand alone or as a bolt on module to our ICS automated attendant / voice mail / unified messaging system, the Teacher's Assistant streamlines communication between Educators and the parental community. Increase school and student safety with the Teacher's Assistant modules: Safe School, Absenteeism Notification , Homework Notification, Substitute Teacher booking, School and Emergency Closure and the Virtual Bell. The Teacher's Assistant is an automated predictive dialing notification system that connects directly to any school's absenteeism database and automatically dials and notifies to voice, e-mail and paging devices that a student has been absent using advanced text to speech technology.
  Integrated Communications Server Voice Gate ICS
Our flagship Integrated Communication Server (ICS) is automated attendant / voice mail / unified or desktop messaging system sporting: Instant Wireless Messaging (Call Alert), On-Hold Messaging (VoiceGate WAV), Call Accounting (Toll Guard), Call Recording, Networked Screen Capture (LAN LORD), Voice to E-mail, Fax Mail, Interactive Voice Response, and Spech Recognition technologies. Our customers love the fact that the ICS delivers such power and flexibility at an affordable cost; but, can expand and accept additional modules as time and budget permit. Install the ICS now take care of all your messaging needs and add one of our powerful teacher's, medical, automotive or real estate assistant modules in the future to unlock the hidden profit in your communication system.
VoiceGateDS Dynamic Server

VoiceGate Dynamic Server
The VoiceGateDS™® delivers interoperability and seamless connectivity between your staff, residents and extended healthcare network (families, doctors, emergency centers).

Monitor anad communicate between mission critical systems such as:
• Pagers
• Desk Telephones
• Wireless Telephones
• Cellular Telephones
• Other Public Network Telephones
• Email accounts
• PC Desktop pop ups
• Hallway monitoring alarm display boards.

The VoiceGateDS allows for your nurse call events to be tracked and dispatched to the appropriate caregiver in real time. Empower your staff to choose the device on which they prefer to receive the notification, with a click of a mouse, anywhere, anytime.

  The Emergency Response The Emergency Response
Get the word out fast with VoiceGate's mass message delivery, business continuity and preparedness planning system. Scaling from 2 to 120 ports and capable of rapidly delivering thousands of messages to phones, e-mail, pagers and answering devices, The Emergency Response is the world's most affordable tool designed specifically to streamline the business continuity and emergency preparedness professional's job of identifying, planning, implementing, and practicing responses to emergencies of all kinds. Ideal or Civil and Public Alerts, roster fulfillment and bi-directional communication with emergency responders, The Emergency Response automated message delivery system even has its own personnel / employee database update and verification capabilities designed to keep responders contact information automatically up to date.
Property Management System Hotel / Motel Voice Mail / Messaging systems
Scheduled wake up calls, long distance billing, property management interface (check in - check out), wireless messaging with guest services and security, and easy to use voice messaging are just some of the features VoiceGate's hospitality suite of products provide to the smallest bed and breakfast to the largest hotel chain with thousands of rooms. From Pegasus to Micros Fidelios, Mitel to Definity, VoiceGate's hospitality suite has been specifically designed to get the most out of a property's investment their existing property management and telephone systems. Improve your guest's experience at your property while at the same time driving down communications costs with VoiceGate's Hospitality Suite of Hotel/ Motel communication products.
  VoiceCatcher Call Recorders

VoiceCatcher -
Intelligent Call Recorders /
Call Loggers / Call Monitoring

VoiceGate brings the power and flexibility of a large-scale call recording solution to the Small Office/Home Office market! Conversations, along with inbound and outbound call data (voice/caller ID), are
automatically logged and stored to your PC or laptop via a USB connection.

An easy to use GUI (graphical
user interface) combines detailed reporting functionality, remote monitoring, playback capabilities as well as a number of standard and optional quality assurance/monitoring tools. An optional client desktop version
of the administrative interface is also available for VoiceCatcher solutions within a networked environment.

Real Estate Assistant Real Estate Assistant
A predictive dialers system designed to reduce the cost of, and streamline messaging within the Real Estate administrative office.
  Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant
A predictive dialer system designed to reduce the cost of, and streamline messaging within the Dental administrative office.






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