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Why Use Teacher's Assistant?

VoiceGate Protects Your Investment
Save thousands of dollars and make your existing or new phone system smart using VoiceGate’s plug-in Educational modules as requirements and budgets permit.

Once the base ICS voice mail automated attendant is installed, individual Teacher’s Assistant modules can be added to the ICS as needed, install one or all, they can work independently of each other. Schools wishing to start with the ICS to provide basic automated attendant/voice mail functionality at low entry cost can start with the base ICS server and add Teacher’s Assistant modules as their budgets permit: VoiceGate’s open system architecture and modular scalability allows low entry cost and affordable expansion, protecting the School Board’s communication investment today and into the future.

VoiceGate’s ICS improves any school’s intra and extra communications with its standard off-the-shelf base sever.

Start Small
The Base System: comes standard with;

- Voice Mail (250 users- expandable to 10,000)
- Automated Attendant
- On-Hold Digital Messaging (3 messages per day any day of week)
- Call Accounting (10 seats-expandable)
- Desktop to Desktop Instant Messaging (10 seats-expandable)
- Cross Media Messaging (sending voice messages to e-mail)
- Remote Dialup and Support Capability
- Remote Phone System Programming**

VoiceGate Delivers Affordable Growth
Optional Plug-In Teacher’s Assistant Out-dialing and Security Modules include:

- School Activity (Bulletin Board) Module
- Homework Notification Module
- Instant Wireless Messaging Module
- Data Base Module
- Secure School Gateway consisting of:
......... - Block Number Guard
......... -*Tips Line *
......... - Lan Lord – Desk top Internet Surveillance
- Call Logging/Voice Recording
- Speech Recognition Module
- Student Absenteeism Notification Module
- Teacher Absenteeism and Substitute Booking Module*

The use of one, or all the Teacher’s Assistant’s plug-in modules combine to create a flexible easy to use communications system designed specifically for the Educational environment. Compatible with most existing or new phone systems, the Teacher’s Assistant gives Educators a connectivity tool to keep school community safe and connected which is unparalleled in the communications industry.

While school based communications will be vastly improved by adding the traditional call processing features standard with VoiceGate’s entry level Integrated Communication Server (ICS), the real benefit to the teaching, student and parent community comes when it is powered with some or all of the modules that upgrade the ICS to form the “Teacher’s Assistant”.

VoiceGate Delivers Today and into the Future
Every Educator knows a student with an open mind is capable of learning and using new technologies and information. Eventually their openness to learning allows them to process tasks they weren’t capable of in elementary school. Conversely, a student with a closed mind and not open to learning will have difficulty and may be incapable of functioning beyond a certain educational level.

The same is true of Voice Mail!

Closed proprietary based voicemail/automated attendant systems will never be capable of offering increased functionality from the first day they are installed. Purchasing these systems ensures obsolescence and a wasted communications investment should you ever need to adapt new functionality or technology into your call processing solution.

Choose VoiceGate!

PC and Windows 2000 based and designed to open industry standards the VoiceGate Integrated Communication Server (ICS) is designed to deliver unparralled flexibility and scalability to the teaching community.

Capable of accepting new technologies and functionality as needed, VoiceGate’s award winning Voice Mail/ Automated Attendant is the clear choice for School Boards who need basic, affordable functionality today, but have the foresight to plan for advanced capabilities in the future.
* Currently under development.
** Meridian Norstar Only

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