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Voice Recorder, Telephone Recording, Call Logging
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Ideal for mission critical liability recording for public
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Works with most business telephone systems.

Improves customer satisfaction, corporate security
and your bottom line.
Easy to install and simple to use.

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VoiceGate's Intelligent Linetap Solutions improves communications, limits corporate liability, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and retention levels.

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VoiceGate's affordable Intelligent Line Tap Hiz Telephone Recording Devices provide enterprises the ability to record phone calls between customers and employees. These recorded conversations can serve to limit corporate liability by quickly resolving disputes before they get out of hand by e-mailing a copy of the recorded conversation to quickly settle the issues at hand. If used as a training/coaching tool for call logging, call monitoring and reviewing Agent/Employee recorded phone calls and desktop activity, Corporations can significantly increase customer satisfaction and reduce Agent/Employee churn rates.

VoiceGate has a telephone recorder / call logging solution for all telephone recording applications and on all phone systems. From stand alone affordable, entry level telephone call monitoring solutions, to networked business phone tapping installations growing to hundreds of agents or employees, and sporting advanced features such as: Desktop screen surveillance; real time phone tap and transaction recording; networked record phone call streaming; internet connectivity; auto archival of record telephone conversations, telephone data and Agent or Employee's comments to DVDR or CDR; and remote Call Center Manager, allowing call center administrators to service observe any Call Center agent from any touch tone phone anywhere on earth.

Supported Phone Interfaces

Alcatel | Analog T1/E1 | Aspect | Avaya | Bosch | Comdial | Ericsson | Intecom | Intertel | Meridian | Mitel | NEC |
Nitsuko | Norstar | Nortel | Panasonic | Rolm | Samsung | Siemens | Telrad | Toshiba | Vodavi | WINN

Call Logger Specifications

Recording Trigger Events

..VoiceGate Call Logger Client

..Remote Manager

..Quality of Service Portal

Call line ID, DNIS
Desktop or networked activation (on demand)
DTMF (code input)
Loop Current
Off hook
Station display
Time of day
VOX (Voice Activation)
Voltage change
Features List
Analog Extension Tapping
Analog Trunk Tapping
Archive to Media
Archive to Server
Archived Monitoring Records
Auto Record
Automatic Gain Control – increase/decrease volume of local and remote conversations by channel
Automatic Recording
Automatic Scheduled Backup of conversations, and comments
Bookmark Recordings
Call Data Capture
Caller ID Capture
Centrex Tapping
Compression Rate 13kb/s (4GB=680Hrs.)
...• Analog Telephone Sets
...• Digital Telephone Sets
...• Radio – two way
...• T1/E1
Definable Administrative Permissions
Definable User Permissions
Desktop Monitor Search, Retrieval, Playback, and Record
Digital Extension Tapping*
Digital Trunk Tapping T1, PRI, EM, DNIS, E1
Display Status in, Out, Start, End, DTMF, Caller ID
DTMF Capture
E1 Trunk Recording
E-mail Message Delivery / Dissemination
Error Log
Event Log
Flexible Storage Perimeters
Indexed Media Player
Live Monitoring (listen to conversations as they happen over a network)
Manual E-mail Forward and Store Conversations
Network Client Interface
Network Ready (TCPIP)
One-Touch Record /Desktop Activation
Open Architecture
...• Easy to Use
...• Intel Processor/Main Board
...• Microsoft Windows 7 O/S
...• PC Based
...• Proven Technology
...• Scalable

Passive Monitoring
Password Protected
Permission Based Programming
Play Alert Tones*
Playback of Archived Recordings (Server/Desktop/E-mail)
Quality of Service (QOS) Monitoring (from any remote on or off-premises phone)
Real Time Display/Recording
Recording Data (transaction numbers, names, comments, dispositions)
Record By Code
Record On Loop Connection
Record On Voice Detection
Remote Activation
Remote Administration
Remote Monitoring
Remote Manager (view extension or channel status in real time)
Reports by
...• ANI
...• Caller ID
...• Comment
...• Date
...• Display
...• Extension
...• Name
...• Time
...• Trunk
Save Recordings and Associated Data to any Media Device (DVDRW, CDRW, Memory Stick, Hard Drive, Network, Etc.)
Scheduled Recording Options
Screen Capture
Screen Pop Capability
Simple System Programming
Stores Monitoring Records
System Password Protection
T1 Trunk Recording
Tag Comments and Names to Conversations
User Definable Reports
User Password Protection
User Ranking System
Variable VOX Sensitivity Settings (by channel)
Volume Control
Wav File Save, Store, and E-Mail

VoiceGate Call Logger Client:

• Uses less than 8 MB RAM or 2 MB HD on Client’s desktop
• Hierarchical permissions ranking (feature & content access restriction)
• Search, retrieve and e-mail conversations
• Search by:

Agent’s comment or notes
Number dialed
Caller ID
Caller’s name

• Save as e-mail or wav file

Remote Manager:

Remote Manager is a desktop (LAN/WAN) utility giving supervisors visual indicators, in real time detailing the status of all telephones connected to the Call Logger server.

Managers can monitor in real time:

  • Who is on the phone

  • The start and stop time of the last call made, in-or-out, from any extension connected to the Call Logger server
  • Number dialed or originated caller’s number
  • Real time digital telephone display status
  • Live conversations between agents / employees and customers**

Managers can capture in real time:

  • Networked agent’s desktop screens (Screen Capture)
  • Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly extension activity reports detailing every inbound or outbound call, duration, caller ID, number dialed, and names or comments tagged to the recorded call by the agent.

Quality of Service Portal
Designed to provide remote access to the VoiceGate Intelligent Line Tap Server from any phone, anywhere in the world. Managers can pick up their cell phone, dial into the call recorder, and covertly move from one agent to another, monitoring, listening and recording conversations on demand to be automatically e-mailed to any remote account, for review and comment at a later time. Agents and called parties have no idea they are being monitored through the Quality of Service Portal, giving call centers the ability to have a central monitoring position not located on the call center’s site.

* Phone set dependant

1-800-668-2387 / 905-508-0355
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Call Logging / Call Monitoring / Call Recording - Supported Phone Interfaces
Alcatel | Analog T1/E1 | Aspect | Avaya | Bosch | Comdial | Ericsson | Intecom | Intertel | Meridian | Mitel | NEC |
Nitsuko | Norstar | Nortel | Panasonic | Rolm | Samsung | Siemens | Telrad | Toshiba | Vodavi | WINN

Call Recording Interfaces
Avaya | Comdial | Meridian | Mitel | NEC | Nitsuko | Norstar | Nortel | Panasonic |
Rolm | Samsung| Siemens | Toshiba | Vodavi | WINN

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